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Jason Parrish
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Jason Parrish This is a sound I've never heard before. It's mind-boggling. This entire EP is solid, but the Abstract is almost legendary. Favorite track: The Abstract.
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Debut EP "Viage" by Evertheless, from Birmingham, Alabama,


released May 30, 2014

All songs written by Evertheless.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kevin Langley of All In Recordings.



all rights reserved


Evertheless Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Chronophobia
There are fears that we don't outgrow
These fears are imbedded in our minds
We are the creatures that keep time
Have you ever stopped to wonder why
I loathe the purpose of clocks
The keeper of a countdown to our plastic box
When the time arrives you will realize
We can't escape the fear that we are wasting our lives
Track Name: Crisis
My conflict of identity
Has been with me
Since the start.

Ice in my veins
but fire in my heart.
And I couldn't find a way to keep them apart.

The drugs were a vice flowing in my veins
Gripping so tight, I couldn't feel whole
Unable to release the reins

I searched for answers
And came up empty handed

Break the barrier
Hear my voice
Do what's right you have a choice
Your blind can't see it true
That it was me trying to help you

Wasted so much time in you
To be honest it wasn't worth it
I tried my hardest
To find purpose
I held strong
But I'm done holding on

I wanted so much more from you
But I knew
That was it
You were content with being a piece of shit.

Wake up, the time is now
Say what you mean and hold your ground.
Track Name: The Abstract
I'm not the person I used to be
Somethings changed I've fallen away from me
Left behind all the bullshit
As hard as it is, I will forgive
But I won't forget

The lessons I've learned
Wisdom I've earned
Will always be
A part of me
But still there's something missing

Nothing makes sense anymore
I don't know
What I live for.
power, pleasure, and personal gain
Money, fame, its all the same

Like an addicts twitch
You're money's bitch
Living to satisfy it

Look deep within
Through the shell
And as you descend
Further into hell
The fear will set in.
That we become what we pretend.

I'm not the person I used to be
Something's changed iv fallen away from me
I'm not the person I used to be
I found out who I want to be.
Track Name: The Road to Nowhere
I swear we've been here before
there will be no more.
its is a dead end road
I promise, i swear
It goes no where
Come at me if you dare

You're not gonna get to me
There's nothing you can say to make me see.
Or bridge the gap between you and me

I strike to kill, you won't get revenge
Cause ill be sure to burn that bridge.

Ill burn that bridge
Make sure you won't come back
Destroyed any chance of that.

Passions run high
And we say what we don't mean
Unable to see that we play for the same team.
If I could go back
Back in time
I'd make sure you know I wasn't fine.
But these parameters were put in place
To keep us in our cage
We just have to accept
There are things we can't change.

I need a place to call my own
(There are things we can't change)
I'm so tired of being alone

I'm so scared of life changing
I'm so tired of being alone